Company History

Formosa Spice was formed back in 2011 as the manufacturer and supplier of all tasty Asian fusion style seasoning mix. Our networks of customers are worldwide and we are quite the demand in the market due to our highly competitive pricing. Our market supply requirements are constantly steady and we provide both a very beneficial and profitable service to them to meet with their needs and supplies.

The emergence of acquired taste for tasty fried chicken inspired our company to come up with a mix that will satisfy the cravings of our customers, offering us a global competitive advantage in the market. We set foot to conquer that when we first started and have been steadily making the right ground since then.

Company Background

Formosa Spice doesn’t just supply the needs of the industry with good tasting food supplies but we also provide the expertise and advise as well as opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in the market.

We want to be a pioneer in the industry with our well-liked taste of food supplies together with our innovative yet highly efficient machinery of food processing, and provide wide range of business opportunities to the entrepreneurs with a strong brand name presence in the market.

Board of Directors

Dato’ Johnbenz

Dato’ Jeffrey

Christine Lim

Giorgio Lim

Our Vision

We want to make a sounding impact on the global real food theory. Our aim is to make real food, real affordable and less taxing on the pockets of our customers.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help fellow entrepreneurs approach business with a right frame of mind and that is by the right business product positioning and keeping costs low. With a strong internal economic platform, we are able to translate that to a low operational business cost that leads to greater opportunities.